Many friends choose electric bikes as a means of transportation when they travel short distances. The e-bike does not consume fuel but only uses electricity, and is more environmentally friendly, which is considered one of its advantages. The army of electric bikes, in the use of electric bikes, will not have a variety of problems? In my opinion, in order to avoid all kinds of problems, we should take care of the electric bicycle and maintain it in a suitable way.


1. Maintain the correct riding style

Electric bicycles should not be started in place, especially when it is with weights and on uphill. This is because when starting, the motor must firstly overcome the static friction. At this time, the current is high, close to or even reach the resistance current, so that the battery in the state of high current work, accelerating the battery damage. Secondly, try to reduce the number of frequent braking and re-acceleration. Besides, do not overload and speeding. It would be better if you don't change the original settings of the parameter.  While riding, you should also try to avoid excessive bumps and vibrations causing the impact on the controller, contacts, connectors, motor bearings.


2. Charge in time after riding

When the battery of an electric bicycle is in a state of obvious power shortage, it will cause a large battery deficit. Before charging, the charger should be inserted into the battery port on the e-bike, and then the charger  should be connected to AC power. After the battery is basically full, it should be kept charging for at least another 2 to 3 hours to ensure that it is truly full, which is called floating charge. In addition, you should avoid charging immediately after riding back in summer, and the charging time is generally the appropriate official guide time, and always remember that do not overcharge it.


3. Check the front and rear brakes frequently

In order to ensure your safety, the brakes of electric bicycles should be kept sensitive and reliable at all times. The speed of electric bicycles is often relatively fast, and the wear and tear of the brakes cannot be ignored when the speed drops. As time passes, the performance of the brakes will gradually decline, and you should especially pay attention to whether the brakes are working properly every time before you go for a long ride. In addition, you should read the instructions provided by the seller correctly before riding to confirm which brake is controlled by the left hand or right hand respectively. Generally speaking, the rear brake is used more frequently and has a higher degree of wear and tear, so special attention should be paid to it.


4. Store electric bicycles indoors as much as possible

Electric bicycles should avoid rain and sunlight. Bad weather, including but not limited to rain and excessive sunlight, can cause irreversible damage to the motor, battery and controller. Second, do not overuse your e-bike. Use it with reasonable intervals to give your bike a good rest and allow the battery to naturally recover its chemical properties. When storing your e-bike for a long time without riding it, try to avoid deep discharge of the battery, and it is generally recommended to charge it once every half month.


In fact, there is a lot more to the maintenance of electric bicycles. Most of the advice comes from riding experience. If you want to learn more about e-bike maintenance, you can join our community or contact us directly. We want all riders to have an e-bike in good condition.

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