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Manual for Bee Adventurer
and Explorer updated


Manual for Bee
Pathfinder&Step through


Manual for Challenger


Manual for Rambler



Please pay attention here that our charger only has one indicator light which is red when charging and turns green when charging is completed.

Please check the newly updated manual for Bee Adventurer/Explorer and we have corrected the key usage as there are some mistakes for the key instruction on page 26 before.

Our after-sale email address has been changed into

If you find there is a red or black button on the battery cap like the one in the picture here, it is a battery security switch to cut off the battery power. Once it is turned on, the battery will work as normal but once it is turned off, the battery will be cut down and no power will come out of the battery.

Some customers may get Bee Challenger with the following display which is the upgraded version of the present one. This one is a motor-style display blending in the Bee Challenger's design more naturally with better brightness and definition but only limited number released now. If you get one like this, it is totally a lucky random! But later, this may be a default setting for all coming Bee Challenger.

Some bikes may arrive with tail-light wire connected but some may come with the wire unconnected. If the tail-light wire is unconnected, you need to find its plug and reconnect it. Here is a picture about where you can find this wire plug.