This is the coolest E-bike of BeeCool. Now, BeeCool finally launched its first moped-style ebike! We are always trying to think outside of the box. We broke the traditions of electric bikes, after 1-year design, this beast is finally born and available for all riders. Introducing the brand new models of BeeCool Bikes, Bee Challenger.
Bee Challenger has an advanced full suspension system. Double-shoulder hydraulic fork, and dual rear suspensions. Brings you maximum comfort on bumpy roads.
Bee Challenger is equipped with dual hydraulic disc brakes and a 180mm steel brake disc, which gives you maximum stopping power.
Bee Challenger has a bigger and brighter color display screen in the center of the handlebar, which shows you all the key information and the status of the ebike more clear than the traditional LCD display screen.
We use a more advanced light system on Bee Challenger. Bigger, Brighter headlight, integrated with an electric horn, front and rear water-flow turning signals, and cooler integrated taillight.
The 20" by 4" fat tires help Bee Challenger ride smoothly and safely on any terrain.
Bee Challenger is equipped with a SHIMANO 7-speed gear shift system. Under pedal-assist mode, you can control your speed better by using the gear-shift.
The all-steel chain sprocket and pedals provide reliable protection to your chains and better safety when you pedal.
Bee Challenger has a unique battery, with a huge capacity. The 48 volts, 30 ampere-hours, and total capacity of 1440 watt-hour lithium-ion battery gives you an amazing long range. You're able to travel over 95 miles with one charge at a time using pedal-assist mode and over 65 miles on throttle mode only. The battery is embedded completely inside the gas tank and we made the battery as big as possible.
Besides, Bee Challenger has 2 motor power options, 750W and 1000W. Larger power or larger range, make your own choice!
Here's everything about our best moped style e-bike, Bee Challenger. You can learn more at
Get your BeeCool Bikes now and enjoy the ride!
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