Hydraulic brakes for your e-bike, a better choice? Yes! They can make you more confident when you’re going wild on the off-road terrains. They can help control the speed more efficiently. Moreover, you can put less effort to slow down your bike with them. Let’s see more advantages hydraulic brakes have:

First, it takes you less lever effort to stop the bike

Check the diagram below showing how a hydraulic brake works. Let’s put it simple. In same conditions, hydraulic brake system can help enhance your power on lever which leads to better stopping power.

For long distance commuting or going off-road, hydraulic brake will undoubtedly be a better choice. Not only because they can get you better stopping power, but also because mechanical disc brakes need more power to have the same effort, which will definitely make your hands tired.

Second, hydraulic brakes need less maintenance as they have a closed system

Generally speaking, a closed system requires less maintenance and so does the brake system. For a closed system, it blocks dirt and dust outside. For a mechanic brake system, it takes more effort for the maintenance routine. However, please still remember to check oil level from time to time and add some bleed fluid into the system if you found the brake lever is loosen even though hydraulic brakes need less maintenance.
Third, they save time for you as they need less adjustments

In hydraulic brake system, there are two pads both of which move towards the rotor. Therefore, the rotor is squeezed evenly from both sides. Unlike traditional mechanical brakes which move in singular direction, there will be less bends on rotors or some dislocations for hydraulic brakes. You need to adjust the mechanical brakes frequently but most hydraulic brakes need no adjustment unless you drop your bike or there is an outer impact on your e-bike.

Last, if you have the budget, hydraulic brakes will definitely be a better choice for you. For your safety, each BeeCool model has the hydraulic brake system with 180mm large rotor. You safety will always comes first.

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